And so it starts...

Birds are cool. Actually, birds are really cool! First of all, they can fly (most of them anyway)

, which is amazing. Humans have only been able to dream of flying for most of their existence, Birds figured it out about 60 million years ago. Which takes me to my next point. Birds are dinosaurs. Not the descendants of dinosaurs, but actual dinosaurs. Three words to sum that up. SUPER BAD ASS! They survived the massive meteor strike 56 million years ago and just kept on flying. And you can see their inner dinosaur if you look closely. From the smallest siskin to the giant raptors, their movements, their eyes, and their talons remind me that they are Theropods, distant relatives of the Tyrannosaurs and Deinonychus (the velociraptor from Jurassic Park fame).

So anyway, birds are cool. Which is why I seek them out. I read about them, feed them in my yard, watch them in their natural habitat (which happens to be the entire planet), and take pictures of them when I can. And I started this blog to write about them. I'm not sure how often I'll write, but my plan is to update this every time I head out to bird watch. So we shall see what happens. Check back for more, or sign up for updates (I have no idea how that will work out).

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